Berenice Monge makes her mark on A.L.


Emma Thompson, Reporter

Hard-working, dedicated, and involved are just a few words to describe this week’s Lynx of the Week, junior Berenice Monge.

From the track to the studio, Berenice is keeping herself busy at ALHS. She takes part in many different activities including cross country, student council, Key Club, track, speech, running club, and broadcasting.

Between all of her extracurriculars and the college courses she’s taking, it’s important that she keeps all of her events planned out and easy to keep track of.

“I have my workouts planned out, I have everything that I need to do that day, I have special events or something like that,” Monge said.

While keeping herself organized, staying involved is also very important to Berenice.

“I think it is really important to stay involved,” Monge said. “It not only gets you friends but it allows you to find yourself and find your interests.”