When the people call, Jacob James answers


Mia Kawamitsu, Copy Editor

This week’s Lynx of the Week is former Bloomer Bear and current senior student body president Jacob James. 

James is involved in a plethora of activities including ROTC, band, National Honor Society, swimming, baseball, chess, speech, and Kindness Club. Being involved in so many things, it comes as no surprise that his friendly face is known throughout the entire school. 

James shares how he manages to stay organized and passionate despite having to divide his time among his commitments. 

“I just put all of my focus into whatever it is I’m doing. I keep a planner with me and I also prioritize what is most important,” James said. 

As a senior, James gives advice to underclassmen on how to make the most of their four years at AL.

“My favorite thing about AL is the opportunities presented at the school. Go out and try something new. Step out of your comfort zone and have fun,” James said.

On top of being a star student, James is also quite famous within the school walls. There is not a passing period where he doesn’t high-five or stop to strike up a conversation with other students in the hallway, freshman and seniors alike. His outgoing and sociable personality even led him to be crowned Homecoming King earlier this year. 

Although his school presence will be missed once he graduates this May, his charismatic and genuine character will surely be cherished at the Airforce Academy where James plans to continue his education in order to pursue his dream of becoming an astronaut.