Ashley Hipnar spreads kindness and positivity


Mia Kawamitsu, Copy Editor

A well-deserving senior for the Lynx of the Week title is kindness advocate and bowling enthusiast Ashley Hipnar. Although Hipnar doesn’t wander the halls of AL as often as before, she is as involved as ever on top of balancing her classes as an ECA student at Iowa Western Community College. Despite the busy college application time as a senior, Hipnar dedicates her time to being one of the color guard captains of the marching band and a member of the jazz, pep, and concert band as well as Key Club, NHS, National History Day, tennis, golf, bowling, and cross country. 

Hipnar explains why she continues to be so involved while handling the workload of her college classes.

My goal is to just enjoy everything while it lasts and to not let an opportunity pass because it might be the last time I get that chance and to be open to new experiences. Overall, I want to end senior year with no regrets. When I’m older and I look back on this year, I want to instantly feel happy because of everything that happens this year. And so far, I can honestly say I’ve never been happier.”

Hipnar shares some of her most cherished memories from her four years at AL.

“My favorite part of high school is being involved. Some of my closest friends and fondest memories come from extracurricular activities. On the last home football game, I remember it being so surreal for the band because we have shared so many smiles, laughs, interesting stories, and long hours working towards that moment and I’ll always enjoy time spent with my band family.”

Hipnar will graduate this spring with not only a high school diploma but an Associate’s degree as well. Although Hipnar has not committed to a college yet, she plans to study environmental studies and further her education to get a Master’s degree.