Collin Nguyen breaks down his break dancing hobby


Emma Thompson, Reporter

The first Lynx of the Week for the year 2020 is sophomore Collin Nguyen. He is involved in swimming, student council, show choir, baseball, concert choir, jazz choir, and orchestra.

He loves being on stage and entertaining people, no matter if it’s in the form of a choir concert or a dance performance.

“Once you’re out on that stage, all of your worries disappear and the only thing you’re thinking about is the next move.” Nguyen said.

Outside of school, he competes in break dancing competitions, often placing within the top 3. As a beginner, he used online resources to teach himself how to improve his dancing. 

“I saw my cousin, Tommy doing some moves and I thought it was so cool,” Nguyen said, “Then I started to teach myself with YouTube videos and stuff. I’ve been hooked ever since.”

Similar to many other performers, he’ll occasionally get flustered before going on stage.

“Of course, I got the jitters in one of the final rounds, but I still had to go on,” Nguyen said. “So I just thought of who I was doing this for. It was for me and the people I care about. I left it all out on the stage.”