ALHS show choir enters competition season

Senior Bailey Peabody performs a solo

Almost every morning at 7:00 a.m. at Abraham Lincoln High School, there are voices filling the halls and the auditorium is full of dancing. Both show choir groups, Lincoln Dynamics and Lincoln Volume, are relentless and practice their show multiple times every morning. Lincoln Dynamics, the all-girls’ group, is new this year and is a great addition because “it adds diversity and an opportunity for members to participate in two different shows,” according to sophomore Anna Newby.

Newby likes how social show choir is and acknowledges that there’s fun for everyone at competitions.

My favorite part about show choir competitions is the social aspect,” she said. “Everyone can meet new friends from other schools, watch other groups perform, or even just spend time with other people from the group.”

Julia Kern, a senior who has been in show choir for six years, also has a great time at show choir competitions, regardless of nerves. 

“I usually get pretty nervous because there’s a lot of pressure to do a good job,” she said. “But I always have an amazing time and I’m always super excited to get out on stage and perform.”

Grace Ozzello, who’s been in show choir since 7th grade, acknowledges both the strengths and weaknesses of the group. 

“Our group has a lot of energy and we’re able to convey that energy through our facial expressions,” said the sophomore. “We need to work on keeping all of our movements clean and together.” 

Lincoln Volume and Dynamics have had one competition so far, and are working hard every day until their next competition. They have five songs in the girl’s group show, and seven songs, including a mashup, in the mixed group show. Both groups are relentless in their practicing, and are extremely passionate about the shows.

“I think as a whole we all absolutely love being in choir,” said Kern. “We’re really able to show that enthusiasm when we perform.”

Overall, the show choir program and the AL music department in general has evolved so much over the years and is a really great program. Good luck during this competition season, Lincoln Volume and Dynamics!