Santa’s Rock n’ Lights at Werner Park, a quarantine safe holiday activity

Each year “Santa Rock n Lights” holds a drive through light show. Filling the area in bright colorful lights to show off images. This year I went through many different tunnels, saw some dancing santas and penguins and many other things. This is perfect for celebrating during a pandemic. 

When going through the lights you will experience 700 feet of ground filled with lots of lights! There are many different locations such as Graylake, Ill, Green Bay,  WI, Urbandale, Iowa, and Omaha at Werner Park. 

The prices are pretty reasonable. You get six people in your car for $20 but for every additional person it is an extra 5 dollars. I recommend going during a week day instead of a weekend because they charge more and are way busier on the weekends. 

This is a good way to get out of the house and spend time with your family.