Cobra Kai season three launches on Netflix

Cobra Kai” is a Netflix series that came out in 2018. It’s based on the “Karate Kid” trilogy with the show telling the past and present story of Daniel Larusso featuring his long time rival Johnny Lawrence. 

In season one, Johnny and Danny reunite after 30 years. As suspected there is tension between them. Johnny then meets a kid named Miguel Diaz living in the same apartment complex as him and begins to teach him karate. During this time we come to find out Lawrence has a son named Robby, who in a twist of events starts working for Larusso, who then starts to train him. 

In season two, Larusso opens up his own dojo called Miyagi-Do all while Lawrence is starting to take “Cobra Kai “in a different direction.  The rivalry between Larusso and Lawrence continues through season two as they show off their Dojos and the heat builds up between their students, leading to a dramatic ending of season two.

In season three, After the dramatic ending in season two, the dueling Dojos keep the rival going trying any way to get revenge on each other. While in the middle of the drama Larusso takes a trip to save his failing business and to try and find himself, his journey takes him to Okinawa where he runs into old faces from the past. 

All three seasons had their fair share of 80s music such guns and roses. That brought nostalgia from the originals. Some of the acting seems a little cheesy but it fits the show well. The seriousness and humor of it will keep you interested and leave you wanting more.

I love the storyline of Cobra Kai and how they show past memories, as well as how they have guest appearances. I like where they are headed with the show. The dedication they have for Cobra Kai makes it more realistic. I cannot wait for the 4th season, I definitely recommend watching this especially if you have seen the karate movies.