Are “YOU” still watching?

Echoes reporter reviews season three of the Netflix hit

Netflix recently released the third season of the hit American psychological thriller, “You.”. Still following the main character Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) and his newfound wife Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti)  as from the previous season, season 3 leads the viewer into a rabbit hole of twists and turns as the “happy” couple and their newborn child Henry try to navigate their life as a happily married couple in Madre Linda, a “suburbia” of Instagram influencers, anti-vaxers, and keto vegan health nuts, all crazy in their own manner. Joe navigates the newfound struggles of fatherhood while also keeping his married life stable. Yet alas, their happily-ever-after cannot last forever and a killing turn of events sends this couple into a spiral of actions that flips quite little “suburbia” upside down. 

In the previous two seasons, the show channels the idea of a single predator who is fixated on a single woman, but in the script for season three the series brings the basis of a couple of predators that must maintain their own murderous intent while also keeping in check one another’s. This story follows a unique theme that is never really done, you always hear of how the boy gets the girl, but what happens after the girl is gotten? This season elaborates on the often forgotten aftermath to the stereotypical fairytale. It shows thrilling love affairs, marital problems, and the absolutely relatable way of struggling to fit into the area’s social norms.

The writer’s thrilling storyline that leaves you hanging at the edge of your seat episode after episode is only that much more compelling because of the beautiful camerawork and direction. The simple and subtle angles give the watcher a more immersive take as if you were one of the neighbors in quiet, happy Madre Linda. Even the more complex visuals leave the watcher gasping for air as the tension that the camera gives you leaves you wanting more. 

Penn Badgley’s acting throughout the whole show gives the viewer an immersive point of view to the mind of a hyper fixated psychopathic murderer. Badgley’s performance in this season was no different. His compelling narration along with his monotonous, dull voice gives you the idea of this experienced, calm, collected killer. Not a single detail left out, unless purposely, Badgley’s acting along with the writing of Joe Goldberg brings life to the idea that Joe is aware that the viewer can read what is going on in his mind, and he cannot fully trust what he says to himself because of it. This leaves the viewer wondering, “was this intentional?” or “what am I missing here?” 

Compared to Victoria Pedretti’s performance throughout season two, her character is more developed and has had a chance to morph into what it is now. From her first murderous intent (that we knew of), to the idea that must save her marriage from it’s breaking point. The story takes her from being a calm, collected, normal person falling in love with Joe, to a psychotic obsessive significant other, back to someone who is calm and collected. The character development that Pedretti portrays allows the writing to take the viewer on a psychological rollercoaster that leaves you rooting for and booing Pedretti’s character all in the same episode.  

Overall in my opinion, season three gets a very deserving 10/10.