“Attack on Titan” leaves viewers mourning loss of characters


Photo utilized from @attackontitan on Instagram


The highly popular Japanese animated series, “Attack on Titanhas been blowing up these past few months as it finally reached its final season. The animated series, which came out in 2013, is still luring in new fans despite being completely released more than 5 years ago.

Attack on Titan” is a series based on what life would be like if there were man-eating titans, which are hundreds of four-story tall giants roaming around the world. All human life was protected with a tall wall barrier until the worst occurred: what was once called protection was destroyed by a colossal titan. As the end approached, many long-term fans were on high alert for the sudden event that could occur in the upcoming episode, which were released every Sunday and long-awaited by hardcore fans. The death of several characters brought out a lot of different sentiments from fans, some of which come from current and graduated AL students. 

A class of 2021 graduate from Abraham Lincoln High School, Breanne West, said that with all the sudden occurrences in the show, the characters would have to face the risk of passing because of how often the titans end up invading the town.

“I expect almost all of the characters to die except a random few, because you know how the show is,” West said. 

Of course, many fans can relate to the show and its unique storyline could even remind them of other storylines they’ve seen before, not because of its titans but because of how most characters eventually give up on their responsibility of trying to keep the town titan safe. This ends up causing them to eventually give up. 

“Probably Naruto. But it’s because Naruto is a classic in the anime community and “Attack on Titan” is an instant classic,” West said. “Asians are still alive in this universe and we know Mikasa’s mother was Asian of some descent and we see people from the country she was from.”

A futuristic show where only a few generations and races are left. But those who have been able to complete and read the manga know the ending to the “Attack on Titan” animated series.  They’re the true brave ones, as they know the final outcome of the storyline.

A senior at Wheaton High School in Maryland, Joshua Jennings, managed to communicate that the show wouldn’t be suitable for those that didn’t enjoy darker themes. Especially if it came to violent deaths and such graphic imagery. 

“I didn’t expect a lot of deaths like in the first episode, I didn’t expect Eren’s mom to die,” Jennings said. “I would tell those who would want to watch the series to not get attached to anyone at all and that there is a lot of blood and various amounts of dark humor so be ready for that.” 

Senior Marissa Mailey said the storyline was very eye-catching and managed to keep her entertained throughout the entirety of the series. She also talked about rewatching the series again.

10/10, the action is amazing and the plot and storyline is incredible,” Mailey said. “ I loved the series and I would love to watch it again all at once.” 

The series is very much adored in various areas of the world, especially with much love and interest coming from a variety of different viewers. The only thing that many wished to have known beforehand was that the authors weren’t lying when they said to not attach yourself to any of the characters.