Grittier Batman film showcases Pattinson as new Dark Knight


Who is he…? Batman! “The Batman” is the newest retelling of the classic character which hit theaters on March 4 and stars Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne. The movie shows the audience a grittier Gotham City as Batman takes on justice after dark. 

The sudden murder of the mayor sets us up for a mysterious course of events that need to be solved. The cryptic notes and the letters left to Batman helps to put everything together. Zoe Kravitz plays Selina Kyle who is close to the mystery She also resembles the classic Catwoman that every Batman needs. 

Robert Pattinson showcases his dark and gloomy acting to show vengeance through Batman. Robert Pattinson is primarily known for his performance of Edward Cullen in the series of Twilight movies by Catherine Hardwicke. Who knew vampires really do turn into bats? Pattinson uses his experience of playing a charming vampire to help him become the ruthless vigilante who seeks vengeance for his father. 

Batman takes on the gruesome activities that his opponent, The Riddler throws against Gotham citizens. The scenes in the new movie focus more on the hardship of Gotham’s corruption instead of Bruce Wayne’s wealthy lifestyle. The film’s dark aesthetic helps intensify the hostile situations. Batman takes on electrified fight scenes, car chases, and strategic confrontations. 

The song “Something in the Way” by Nirvana played a very important role in the movie. This song skyrocketed to the charts, hitting Spotify’s Daily USA Top 50 songs after the movie came out. The complex lyrics show an undertone for the complex character of Batman. The song is written about something always being in the way of reaching a goal. Bruce finds that his real identity is getting in the way of the Batman he needs to be. 

The Batman movie has shown a modern look that fits the twisted minds of Batman’s common enemies. This movie showcases action, romance and a new mystery take on the classic story.

We rate this movie a 3.5  out of 5 and would recommend it to a mature audience due to the violence and innuendos. However, the movie is rated PG-13 but pushes those boundaries.