“Wednesday” entertaining, worthy addition to “Addams Family” story

Wednesday entertaining, worthy addition to Addams Family story

“Wednesday,” based on the classic “Addams Family” sitcom from 1964-1966 was recently released on Netflix, another new series following the original. Wednesday came out on Netflix starring Jenna Ortega, who played Wednesday in this series. It has 8 episodes in season one, however, according to whats-on-netflix.com, it is confirmed by Netflix that there will be an upcoming season 2 that they are working on currently.

Ortega wholeheartedly plays Wednesday’s role with passion as she explained the crazy things she took into her own hands to play the part in the best way she could. In an interview with Access Hollywood, Ortega revealed that she has been compared to Wednesday before because of her dry and dark humor. She also talks about how this was the first role she has taken on with such a dramatic physical change that was required for her part. For example, she had to learn to get used to the full-on bangs. 

She had to acquire a look identical to the original Wednesday. She also reveals in this interview that she has a signature stare that Tim Burton, the executive producer of the film, had planned in his mind to have Ortega look as blank and emotionless as possible during the entirety of the filming. 

The special effects of the show were amazing as the quality of the effects is noticeably impressive and hold a big part of the show. The show contains werewolves including Wednesday’s best friend, Enid, who potentially grew claws in a few scenes in which effects her fingernails which required lots of tech intelligence, which is the job of having lots of knowledge on the specific technology used to make the effect realistic. 

Now, let’s talk about one of the beloved stars of the show, “Thing.” Thing, the human hand playing the part of Wednesday’s little spy, is Wednesday’s sidekick throughout the episodes. Surprisingly, Thing did have a big role in the show and lots of work was put into the motions and tricks Thing was able to do. However, Thing isn’t an animatronic or CGI like most would think. Thing is played by an actor who used his hand to display and make Thing come to life. According to allure.com, the hand actor, Victor Dorabantu, a victorian magician took on an important role to measure the perfect hand movements for the show in which he wore a blue chroma-key suit and headpiece while filming and his body was edited out to make it seem as detached from his body as possible. 

Another thing about “Thing” is that they created different hand stumps to sit on top of Dorabantus’ hand for each day and each different movement that was planned for Thing. The stumps were sculpted individually and added a stitching effect for Thing to look as creepy and real as possible. 

Overall, Wednesday is a great show with amazing effects. The way that Tim Burton and his team produced it and took the measures to the perfect point for the audience was incredible as they worked very hard to achieve the quality of the show. It was an amazing sequel to the original Adams Family series and the show has added some unique features added off of the Addams Family series. I recommend this show as it’s a great family show to sit down and watch and enjoy.