ALHS show choir looks back on this year’s season

The adrenaline picks up as the curtains slowly open. A brief moment of silence is quickly followed by the unison sound of deep breaths. Then, singing fills the room. An excellent performance takes time, patience, persistence, and of course, a great cast. Since the beginning of the year, the members of Lincoln Volume worked hard to run through their shows before the start of each school day. With the 22-23 season wrapped up, both members and directors feel a range of emotions. 

Freshman Caitlyn Adkins feels lucky to have been a part of AL’s show choir this year because of the bonds and memories created along the way. 

“I feel like everyone is friends,” Adkins said. “It gets me excited in the morning. I like traveling, performing with others, and learning new things.” 

This was Caitlyn’s first year with Lincoln Volume and she loved it because “show choir is a passion.” She compared how well she performed at the beginning of the competition season, to now, ready to take on next year. 

“I think I made a lot of improvement from where I started,” Adkins said. “I hadn’t danced before, but I think I am a lot better now and I am proud of myself for how far I’ve come. I’m excited for next year.” 

Show choir has opened up many opportunities for past and present students. Sarah Leavitt was a part of AL’s show choir when she was in high school. Now, she is the choreographer for Lincoln Volume and is grateful to be working with such talented students.

“I use a little of my own experience, having been a member of AL’s show choir when I was in high school, and a lot of online research to create the choreography for the show we have today,” said Leavitt. “It has been a lot of fun and I have enjoyed this creative outlet in my job.” 

Leavitt is also proud that this year’s team continued to put their best effort forward, worked hard, and progressed. 

“This year’s Lincoln Volume did a wonderful job of striving for improvement,” said Leavitt. “Last year our show choir peaked early and we settled for ‘good enough.’ This year, our group has not settled. They have continued to work hard through our show choir season to make our show the best it can be…and I am very proud of them.”

As the show choir season comes to a close, so does the high school journey for seniors. Senior Ruby Mabbitt loved getting the chance to perform and be a part of Lincoln Volume. The 22-23 competition season was her final year performing with the group, which she will miss. 

“Show choir is something that you can’t do on your own so it brings a sense of comradery (friendship),” said Mabbitt. “I’ll definitely miss that. And learning and creating the choreography with Mrs. Leavitt, that was really memorable.”

Senior Cassie Killian has been with Lincoln Volume since her sophomore year. Her last 3 years with the team have been a rewarding experience and taught her to just go for it. Her advice to students interested in show choir is to keep trying no matter what. 

“Just do it,” said Killian. “Even if you don’t have a friend in show choir then, you will make friends along the way. If you don’t make show choir after the first audition, don’t give up. Try again next time and then you’ll make it far.”