Rolando Martinez-Rico looks forward to college, while succeeding in high school

Soon-to-be first generation college student, Rolando Martinez-Rico, is a determined junior who is prepared to make the most of his future, and is the current Lynx of the Week. He is number two in the junior class, and an AP Scholar who takes school very seriously. Martinez-Rico is quite involved, participating in jazz and concert band, where he plays the saxophone, and is a drum major for marching band. He is also in student council, National Honor Society, and Key Club. Being involved is very important to him. 

“There are multiple factors that push me to excel in school, however, one of the most important factors would be the fact that many of my family members never had the opportunity to go to college and obtain a degree,” Martinez-Rico said. “Living in the U.S. I know that I have plenty of opportunities and I want to take advantage of them in order to succeed in the future.”

Being a first generation college student in his family is important to him. He has planned on going to college for most of his life.

“It has always been my goal to go to college because I want to obtain a higher education that was not available to my parents when they were younger,” Martinez-Rico said.

His family is very supportive of his dreams, and they push him to reach for his aspirations, and know that education is significantly important so that he can become successful in whatever he chooses to do in his future.

His parents moved to the United States in the early 2000s, where they settled down to start their family, which consists of Rolando and his brother, Brandon, who also plans on attending college. 

While he sometimes experiences things that bring him down, Rolando never gives up on pursuing his goals.

Also, I think that despite the circumstances in which students like myself find themselves in, it doesn’t define your future. Decisions and dreams are what create who we are.”

Rolando plans on studying something in the medical field, and eventually moving on to medical school.

My advice would be to always have perseverance despite major obstacles that may be presented before and during college,” said Martinez-Rico. ““Being a first generation college student is a pretty big deal because although it seems intimidating at times, I know that in the end, the sacrifices my parents had to make will pay off.”