Freshman Jaqueline Bunten slams the stereotypes that pin her down

Jacqueline Bunten is a freshman wrestler who is making a name for herself in the world of Abraham Lincoln sports. Bunten fought all the way to the All Girls State Wrestling event in the 126 weight class, and this is one of many reasons she is this week’s Lynx of the Week. Bunten accomplished this as a part of the girls wrestling team here at Abraham Lincoln High School, which Bunten is one of the first members of.

Aside from wrestling, Bunten is also involved at ALHS through JROTC. Bunten is part of both the Arm Team and First Year JROTC team. She plans to continue being involved in the program, and hopes to participate in the new team that is being added this year. The First Year Regulations Team will be open to JROTC freshman cadets, and Bunten looks forward to joining.

The freshman transition from middle to high school is often not an easy path, and despite her many successes, Bunten has felt the effects of these changes along with her peers.

“It’s been different,” Bunten says, “I feel like middle school hasn’t really prepared us for high school and all the work that has to get done.”

Her goal for the rest of her high school career is to continue working hard in her classes in order to maintain a good grade point average. She plans to continue being involved in many extracurriculars, and following high school, Bunten plans to go to college. 

Like it is for many high schoolers, the future seems uncertain to Bunten, but she has already begun to form a plan.

“I want to be an orthodontist or go into some sort of medical field, as that is what a lot of my family does,” Bunten said. 

Bunten said her proudest accomplishments have been making it to the state wrestling event this season, as well as being on gold honor roll her first semester of high school. 

She hopes to go further in the state wrestling event next year, while also keeping her stellar academic record. 

While some could get discouraged when tackling all of these tasks, Bunten makes it happen. 

“I try to keep a positive mindset, and that’s what keeps me going,” Bunten says. 

When she isn’t juggling school activities, Bunten spends her free time doing things she loves, like spending time with friends, practicing, and cooking.