Dancing her way to our first eighth grader of the week is Ashlin McCollough


Photo Submitted by Ashlin McCollough

Ashlin McCollough, an 8th grade student at Kirn Middle School, is making her future well-known before she even experiences it. She is ready for whatever high school throws her way. While amid a pandemic, she juggles dance, show choir, jazz band, and leadership, which will help in the future to open up a wide range of career opportunities. 

“So far, the career path that interests me is being a computer programmer,” McCollough said. “I would like to take classes related to that such as coding and computer science.” 

As the transition from middle school to high school is often challenging, especially with COVID-19, McCollough feels that she won’t have any difficulty adapting, primarily with the comfort of her friends.

“I’m looking forward to all of the new classes that high school offers,” McCollough said. “I’m also looking forward to being able to drive to school.”

While the regulations of COVID-19 have become a large part of education this year, McCoullough voiced her opinion on the matter.

“I think social distancing will affect learning in the way that we can’t do partner work or group work,” McCollough said. “I also think it will be harder for people who are more hands-on than visual just because when we’re online all we’re doing is watching and listening.” 

For being an 8th grader, McCollough guarantees that college is the pathway she’s heading towards. 

“I do plan on attending college,” McCollough said.  “My dream school is MIT.” 

There are several things that colleges look for in a student, and McCollough is heading in the right direction. She plans to stay involved in high school in any and every way possible. 

There are several opportunities here at Abraham Lincoln that McCollough feels will help further her interests in computer programming and coding. McCollough is determined to overcome whatever obstacles come her way to achieve her future goals. 

Hannah Nunnenkamp-Engelman is a Vocal Music Educator at Kirn Middle School and feels that McCollough is a great candidate for eighth grader of the week. 

“Ashlin is an exemplary student who has a hard work ethic and personal self management,” Nunnenkamp-Engelman said.  “She is extremely responsible and still maintains a level of kindness when working with others.”