Honorary Lynx of the Week, Joe Carle


As many of you know, during our absence from school, we lost a fellow student by the name of Joseph Carle. Joe was a loving son, brother, and friend to all. I personally remember him as someone who would always smile at others in the hallway, and would always crack jokes to lift people up. It’s my honor to present Joe Carle as the Lynx of the Week. 


Jeena Carle, Joe’s sister, remembers her brother fondly, and reflects on a favorite memory of Joe that shows the type of person he was.


“I remember when we were little we went to California,” Jeena said. “We went by the ocean and I took my flip flops off and the water current took them back into the ocean. Joe ran and got them for me.” 


Not only was Joe involved in football, golf, and tennis at AL, he enjoyed playing soccer and basketball. Sports were a big part of his life, 


“The experiences I had with Joe were fantastic,” said head football coach John Wolfe. “I truly enjoyed being around him.”


Joe also worked at Hy-Vee, enjoyed taekwondo, fishing, dirt biking, riding mopeds, video gaming, and more. Above all else, Joe was known by his friends, family, and around school as someone who loved to make people laugh and raise their spirits.


“No matter what mood I was in he would completely change it with his humor,” longtime friend Luke Hunter said. “He was the one that made everyone happy.” 


He was hilarious and was always making people laugh,” Jeena said. “He helped me build my humor.”


I’ve known Joe since third grade,” friend Sam Hovey said. “He added so many laughs, especially during biology class.”


Despite Joe’s light-hearted personality and high regard for making people laugh, Luke Hunter remembers him as someone who was also much deeper than that.


“If you needed to talk about something you can trust he would be down to talk,” Luke said. “He always stood up for you and he was the one you would want to have your back and he did 100% of the time.”


If you’d like to donate to Joe’s family, please click here