Luis Rodriguez makes an impact on and off the volleyball court


Between managing the varsity volleyball team, preparing for show choir performances, representing his class on homecoming court, and being an active member of our school’s student council, sophomore Luis Rodriguez is keeping himself busy and involved here at Abraham Lincoln High School. This is why he is this week’s pick for Lynx of the Week.

As volleyball manager, Rodriguez goes to every practice, every workout, and every game. He can always be found supporting the team. Recently he picked up the responsibility of managing the social media for the team. He started making videos to get the community excited about attending games.

The purpose of the videos is to put more attention on this underrated team,” Rodriguez said. “A team that many are underestimating.”

The sophomore also participates in the Lincoln Volume show choir. Every day at 5:30 a.m, he wakes up and is at school by 7:00 to do two things that he loves, sing and dance. This being his fourth year participating in a show choir, Rodriguez expresses his love for the competitive aspect of the activity.

“The thing that keeps me coming back is my hunger for success,” Rodriguez said. “I keep coming back with more fire and passion. I want to compete like never done before here at Abraham Lincoln High School.”

With all of his school work and his extracurriculars, it’s important to Rodriguez to keep track of everything in his planner. This helps him make sure he’s keeping a proper balance between his social life and his academic life.

“I used to have a huge problem with balancing school, volleyball, other extra curriculars, and a social life because I didn’t surround myself with the best people,” Rodriguez said. “The key to balancing all is having friends that understand you can’t hangout all the time because of all the things you have going on and having friends that support you and your goals.”