Norah Reardon never misses a beat


When not found on stage or on the field dancing with the Abraham Lincoln Dance Team, freshman Norah Reardon can be found making an impact in the halls of ALHS. Having danced for about 10 years before entering high school, she is now in her first year on the ALDT.

Outside of the dance team, Reardon dances at the studio level and enjoys singing, playing instruments, and painting. With interests in many areas, Reardon is keeping her future plans open. 

“I am interested in being a middle school teacher or a psychologist, but I have not decided on much yet,” Reardon said. 

Just as there is for many freshmen, Reardon noticed some definite changes in the transition from middle to high school, but says she enjoys the challenge. 

“The biggest change for me is the amount of responsibility I have now,” Reardon said. “I feel independent at school and it is more fun for me.”

Reardon has found joy in specific classes as well. 

“My favorite class is World History because I like learning about the origins of society,” Reardon said. 

With finding these interest areas, Reardon is also setting goals for her next four years of high school. 

“I want to focus on getting good grades and looking into career options,” Reardon. 

When being heavily involved there can be a need for motivation. This quote Reardon says, helps her with that. 

“‘Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain,’ I like it because it reminds us to always be positive and make the best out of every situation,” Reardon said. 

Another thing that inspires Reardon is those around her. 

“My biggest accomplishment is finding such good people and friends to have in my life that support me,” Reardon said.