Nora Preston brings something sweet to the lives of her peers


Photo utilized from the Christy Creme Facebook page

You may know her from her family’s well known business Christy Creme.  Sophomore, Nora Preston is Lynx of The Week because when she’s not putting smiles on people’s faces at Christy Creme, she has been volunteering at the library for five years and also runs cross country and track.  

In track and cross country, Preston enjoys the community of people she has found herself with. 

“All of the girls are so sweet and supportive of each other,”  Preston said. “We had a lot of injuries and obstacles this year, but everyone kept trying and pushing themselves..” 

The Preston family is well known in the community due to the family owned Ice cream shop  Christy Creme.  

“Mostly people just ask how my family is,” Preston said. “Sometimes my parents will tell me that I have to set a good example for the business.”  

Beyond her current employment in the family business, Preston has many goals for her future.  

“I would really like to learn Arabic and Kurdish,”  Presoton said. “I want to go to a school out of the country and get a job that has to do with Kurdish aid.”  

Like everyone else, Nora has been having struggles from school to her home life.  

“Procrastinating has been hard, so I can pretty confidently say that I have done a terrible job at that,” Nora said. “This past year I’ve struggled a lot with eating disorders and spent some time in the hospital for it, so that’s been an ongoing challenge that I’ve had to deal with.”

Through it all Preston feels inspired by her older sister, Emma Preston, and ALHS graduate class of 2014.

“I look up to my sister because she has always been an inspiration to me and is incredibly successful,”  Preston said.  “When I was younger, she used to mess with me a lot, which was annoying at the time but now I can look back on it and laugh. For example, once she convinced me that I had two belly buttons.” 

Nora Preston is lynx of the week because she is a living example of a person who brings joy to people and sets a good example in the halls of ALHS.