Raquel Hawley cheers for ALHS athletics as well as her peers


Photo submitted by Raquel Hawley

Between her duties as a cheerleader, participating in the Lincoln Volume show choir, and being a nominee for homecoming queen, senior Raquel Hawley manages to maintain a positive presence at Abraham Lincoln High School which is why she is the new Lynx of the Week.

Hawley has been on the cheerleading team since her time at ALHS began. She has expressed her love for not only stunting, but bonding with the other girls on the team.

I kept coming back to the team because it made me feel like I had a family, I was a part of something that was bigger than myself,” Hawley said.

She has also been participating in show choir for the duration of her high school career, showcasing her tumbling skills in certain songs such as “Beat It” by Michael Jackson in the 2018-19 show.

“The most challenging part about being in show choir is remembering not only the choreography but also remembering all of the notes,” Hawley said.

The senior also experiences some stress between all of her responsibilities, but always makes sure to keep her head held high.

“At times my life does get stressful with show choir, cheerleading, college classes, and also two jobs,” Hawley said. “However I found that you just have to keep up and have a good positive outlook on it, you can do it.”

Raquel hopes to attend NorthWest Missouri State in the fall to study education.