Senior Makinzie Bedford is sketching out a bright future


Photo submitted by Makinzie Bedford

Talented and motivated artist, senior Makinzie Bedford, is this week’s Lynx of the Week.

Bedford is a virtual academy student who doesn’t let the virus get in the way of her goals. Not only does she excel at drawing and painting, she’s also a driven student.

‘I plan on going to college to get my bachelors degree and then pursue psychology and art therapy,” Bedford said.

While Bedford is planning on going to college to become a therapist, she’d like to use her expertise in art, to help aid in her future career.

“I plan on using art to help others process trauma through peaceful therapeutic sessions,” Bedford said.

Bedford’s motivation towards helping others is highly respectable and many feel this deserves recognition. Bedford also feels well supported, which helps motivate her. 

“My mom motivates me the most, she buys me all my art supplies and encourages me to do good every day.” 

For art inspiration, Bedford looks to social media.

“I look up to a lot of social media artists,” Bedford says. “They are constantly putting out amazing work that I see everyday.”

In her spare time, Bedford occupies herself with hobbies that still benefit her personal growth and school life.

“Listening to music helps me destress and do school work, also drawing helps me with a good bit as well.”

Even in Bedford’s free time, she’s still thinking about her goals and how to improve her well being. This makes her the best candidate for this week’s Lynx of the Week.