Bailey Christensen leads a scholarly lifestyle


Photo submitted by Bailey Christensen

The involved, ambitious senior, Bailey Christensen shows exceptional leadership at AL, making an extraordinary choice as this week’s Lynx of the Week.

Through her years at Abraham Lincoln, Christensen has been consistently involved in extracurricular activities.

“I play basketball and tennis and I’m also involved in NHS, StuCo, and Orchestra,” said Christensen.

Along with being involved in activities herself, Christensen is an avid supporter of other Lynx activities.

My favorite memories have been going to watch the football, basketball, and volleyball games,” said Christensen. “And getting to watch my best friends compete and perform.”

Although involved in a plethora of activities at Abraham Lincoln, Christensen notes particularly impactful memories coming from her years on the basketball team. 

Basketball has made a really big impact on me, I’ve been playing with the same girls and coaches since elementary school,” said Christensen. “I’m definitely gonna miss being on the team when I go off to college”

Although Christensen’s friendly spirit and involvement will be missed after graduating, Christensen has big plans for her future on attending a four-year college to further her studies.

I’m probably going to the University of Iowa,” said Christensen.“I plan to major in Biology and specialize in forensic science or criminology”