Playing through a band-demic

With this year having more difficulties than others, the band made adjustments throughout the year to combat the challenges of the pandemic.  

“I think everyone has been doing a fantastic job of laughing or laughing at ourselves and moving forward and brainstorming together through the difficulties,” said band director Taylor Matuszeski. Although the band was split up for the first part of the year they still practiced in the mornings and after school. 

With having to wear a mask during class, band members have slits in the middle of the mask so they can still play their instruments. As well as having puppy pads on the floor for the trombones players to get their spit out, and lastly having covers for certain instruments as well. 

With most of the band members starting in 6th grade, they grew up and got better together.  

“I will definitely miss band because we are a family,” said Emma Vodicka ‘21. 

With the seniors finishing high school this year they all will miss the band family. 

“When I graduate I’m going to miss my band family very much.  The environment and their energy is just something that you can’t find anywhere else,” said Madison Stark ‘21.  

Vodicka said the performance is something different from what they have done in the past. 

“This year’s show is different from what I have done in the past and we are actually playing music people know and love,” Vodicka said. 

With the band doing an Elvis show this year each person has that special song they love to play. 

“My favorite song in the show is burning love because I get to conduct that one and it is a very good and catchy song to listen to,” Stark said. 

While Stark’s favorite song was “Burning love,” Vodicka had a different preferred tune. 

“My favorite songs in our show this year have to be ‘Hounddog,’ ‘Love Me Tender,’ and ‘Jailhouse Rock’ because they will get everyone pumped up and happy,” Vodicka said. 

With no marching band or competitions this year the band has been putting their focus somewhere else to still have a great year.  They have been creating new material to help cheer on our ALHS Lynx football team.  With the band making new chants and pep songs, and the color guard making new dances, The band still rocked out in the bleachers and on the field with their new chants and dances.