Reaghan McDaniel finished first in the race for Lynx of the Week


Photo submitted by Reaghan McDaniel

A smart student with a lot of potential, she has time to manage participating in track, cheer and cross country! Sophomore Reaghan McDaniel is this week’s lynx of the week. A very positive and caring student, very welcoming and engaged with others. All of these amazing qualities is what makes her lynx of the week. 

McDaniel is very involved with her sports, she enjoys trying new things.

“I got involved with XC, Cheer, and Track because I love running as a sport and cheer was something new that I could try and love!”

She has a very bright mind and sets her goals high, keeping a reasonable expectation but something exciting to aim for. 

“My goals are that I will reach my athletic ability and keep up great grades! I would also love to meet and grow relationships with new people!”

McDaniel has strong plans for the future, she plans to change lives daily. 

“I would love to go into nursing! I would love to be a pediatrics nurse,” McDaniel said. “I want to impact the people I help and I would love to work with kids!”

After graduating, McDaniel plans to keep making a positive impact on the people around her. She keeps her eyes opened and her dreams set high. 

“The impact I would love to make is being able to make the people around be happy,” McDaniel said. “I want people to understand that they are worthy and I’m here to help them in my future career!”

McDaniel has strong words of wisdom for any students who may need any advice or struggle with motivation. 

My advice is just know what you want your future to look like because I understand what it feels like with having no motivation,” McDaniel said. “Just keep great people with good positivity around you and never let go of yourself! You depict your future.”

Reaghan McDaniel is lynx of the week because she is such a motivation and true spirit for everyone, she brings joys to her teachers and classmates at ALHS.