Student Spotlight: Brandon Martinez-Rico


Photo taken by Alexis Coffman

Brandon Martinez is a junior and he is no stranger to hard work. Taking many college classes, working all day every Sunday, and balancing a social life is not an easy task. He started his freshman year with a college class and took more his sophomore year. Since then, the amount of his college classes has only grown. 

Out of all his college classes, Brandon likes Composition 1 the most. 

 “I’d say my favorite one would be Composition 1. I’d say it’s my favorite class because I like writing., I like expressing myself, but I like taking things into consideration that maybe I didn’t know,” Martinez said. 

Although he likes expressing him self artistically, Brandon has a different idea on how he wants to continue his education after high school.

“After high school, I want to attend a four-year institution and major in some type of medical aspect, and then right after my four years I want to go into medical school. Hopefully after my four years, I will attend a medical school and study some type of cardiology.” 

Although Brandon wants to become a cardiologist, he does want to keep his education broad. While he will keep close to the medical field, he also wants to be in honors programs. 

“I definitely want to minor in some type of other class, revolving around medicine, I also want to be in honors programs.¨

Brandon believes in spreading his time adequatly between his social life, education, and work. While he only works Sundays at Arbys he does work for the whole day.

“I’d say most definitely, it’s important to have a balance. I think overall though it depends on how much time you spend on each individual thing. Obviously, you should spend more time on education than social life, but there needs to be a balance there.”  

Brandon Martinez will continue his hard work for the remainder of his junior year. He plans on taking more college classes and attending a college alliance program through AL. He has a bright future ahead of him and will not shy away from work. These are only some of the reasons he is Lynx of the Week.