Concerns arise over Governor Reynolds’ Covid-19 regulations

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In today’s world there have been so many changes that many people have never had to deal with before. Many are scared to leave their homes, their states, and go see their loved ones. Each state has a governor and each governor’s job is  to protect their state to the best of their abilities. My question is, did our governor do what is right for our state? 

Currently, Iowa is under no mandate for mask restrictions. Death tolls for Coronavirus in our state are approximately 1,200 deaths. As for positive cases in the state are approximately 70,000. In our county alone there are approximately 34 deaths and 1,700 positive cases. If Governor Kim Reynolds would have issued a mask mandate or closed our state, would the tolls be this high? 

We currently have retail stores that have made it a restriction of wearing a mask if you enter. Our grocery stores do not have this same rule. As of June 12, Governor Reynolds lifted the 50% capacity rule at bars and restaurants but everyone still has to stay six feet apart. Governor Reynolds had closed some bars back down in some of the bigger cities, hoping this would cut back on the spread of Covid-19. It seems that without closing our state down the number is climbing in our daycares as well as schools daily.

Although our governor says she strongly encourages wearing masks, she will also let the number of positive cases and deaths rise due to Covid-19 before she will shut down the state. For the safety of the state and its people we should reconsider our options. As people and other states push the “stay-at-home” policies, Governor Reynolds says without the internal data that we do not need the extra measures,of shutting down the state. 

I am sure that some people in Iowa would be willing to stay home and quarantine if it meant that Covid would die down. On the other side, yes people need to make money to provide for their family and pay bills. Is it worth putting your family’s life and others lives at risk? According to the Des Moines Register  “I can’t lock down the state,” Reynolds said. “I can’t lock everybody at home.”

I understand this but yet at the same time if some people are willing to be locked in their house for 2 or 3 weeks then why not shut down the state? Yes it will be hard and people will have to go out of their way to get things but this virus is deadly. Are we willing to have more people die? There was a stimulus check issued to everyone that was supposed to go towards things such as bills and food. There were also government relief packages given to small businesses to keep workers on the payroll. We as a nation will never agree on everything and I understand we can not make everyone happy, but at the same time we should think of what is right and could possibly save lives and keep people safe.

I suggest that we go to full online school, get another round of a stimulus check and we as a state be quarantined for 2 weeks and then see how the numbers are.