Online or In-store, how will you be doing your holiday shopping?

The age-old debate of online shopping as opposed to going in-person to a department store. I personally love doing both, I think that Amazon dreads stopping at my house daily. But on the other hand, I like the person to person interaction. 

Under our current circumstances, online is definitely the way to go for most people. Again I love it too. I feel like it’s Christmas every day waiting for that package to arrive. While shopping at stores, you get more options than what they have at the store itself. It can also be overwhelming in the same hand. I myself like options but if there are too many then I start getting frustrated trying to find something. 

Ordering online you can get the pleasure of sitting on your couch in your pajamas with messy hair and cuddling with your dog. Your shopping experience is at your fingertips. According to more than 227 million Americans shop online. With many people shopping online this holiday season it could be a lot safer considering the circumstance we have. According to a big wave of consumers shop online and 52% stated that they may never shop in person again in the holiday season. 

The downfall to this online shopping experience is that you can not physically try on and feel things like you can when you are physically at the store. So if you end up needing a different size or color you get to go and grab it you have to go through the trouble of having to return and possibly print a label then take it to the post office or somewhere to drop it off. All while waiting to get another color or size which could take days to get. 

Now while shopping in a department store, you get that one on one with an actual human, not a computer to answer your questions. You can hang out with friends, or family and make a day out of it. Because of today’s current events that have been keeping us from doing this, It is definitely safer to shop online right now, so you are not in direct contact with someone that may have the virus. 

I love the holiday season and I love shopping for my family and friends. Although this pandemic will pass and things will get back to normal, I will be doing most of my shopping online.