Don’t worry about someone else loving you–love yourself first

When you hear the words “self love” what does it mean to you?  The words “self love” can mean so many things and everyone’s version of self love is different.  Self love can be seen as conceited, but it’s self love is  important for many reasons.  Falling in love with yourself can be hard because you are the hardest on yourself because you see all your flaws and see what other people don’t.  You are the only one who knows your limits and strengths. You can only control yourself and how you handle your situations.  Falling in love with yourself consists of accepting your authenticity, fighting your setbacks, making change, and evolving. iIt’s a constant never ending journey.  

Self love is important because it can promote a positive mentality towards yourself and others.  Having a healthy mental outlook on yourself is crucial because your mind holds all power. It’s important because instead of relying on others for validation or happiness you can and should provide that for yourself. It’s okay to pat yourself on the back or be proud of yourself–specially when you achieve self-goals that no one even knew about.  

Falling in love with your self image is a huge part of the journey.  Beauty standards for male and females have changed as the years go on.  It’s vital to remember that you will not look identical to the person next to you. The things you think are flaws and imperfections on your body might not fit the beauty standards but that’s your individual beauty and being yourself is what makes you authentic. The way you think of yourself will reflect how you carry yourself.  So if you tell yourself you are beautiful eventually you will believe it and then you will gain confidence, and confidence is very beautiful.  

Your biggest enemy is yourself.  The way you perceive yourself is different in your eyes to anyone else’s. It’s important to remember not to live in the past and learn from mistakes and never repeat them.  Learning from your past will make you a better person in general because everything and everyone is a lesson.  Don’t wallow on what happened and how you screwed up, but take away how you could change your ways for future reference.  You can only move forward.  

Keeping positive thoughts is not easy.  Everyone has bad days and everyone has long term struggles. It’s easy to slip into a mindset of everything is exhausting and feel like you’re drowning. Instead of being pushed around by your problems use them to push you forward in ln a way. Do not let your bad days determine your long term happiness. People have this void that exists within them, but it can only be fulfilled when you are at peace with yourself.

Acknowledge your change and progress.  Put your new mental outlook and new boundaries to work. The process of change can be scary and the emotions that come with it can be conflicting.  Allow the feelings to pass through and let the change start happening.  

 The fight against yourself is worth it. Accept your authenticity, fight your setbacks, make the change, and start evolving into the better version of yourself. At the end of the day if you have no one by your side you will have yourself always.  Self love is a mind game that only you know how to play, so be number one on your leaderboard and be your best self.