Continuing to help Mother Earth after Earth Day

Continuing to help Mother Earth after Earth Day

Earth Day was last week, and as always, many kind people were outside cleaning up their community. But what happens after April 22? Do people just disregard the conservation of our planet? Sadly, that’s the truth for most of us. It’s normal to see people outside cleaning up the community during Earth Day, but any day after, it’s an anomaly. 

While it is still an act of great kindness to help clean up the environment on Earth Day, to tell the truth, it’s not doing enough. The state of our environment is too damaged to be able to fix in just one day. 

There’s not much we can do besides raising awareness and protesting to stop the burning of fossil fuels and farming of livestock, but that doesn’t mean there’s things that we can start doing today to help out our planet.

Buying your clothes from a secondhand source is a great way to start. The fashion industry is one of the largest contributors in creating greenhouse gas emissions. The amount of energy used in production, manufacturing, and shipping is creating a huge problem for our climate. These companies are known as fast fashion. Fast fashion organizations are known for mass-producing clothes at low prices, causing the factories to produce lots of harmful gasses. . In fact, 50 pounds of greenhouse gasses are being generated for each kilogram of fabric produced. Purchasing your fashion from thrift stores or close friends is a great solution for the issue. This decreases demand for large orders in the fashion industry, therefore creating a cleaner and safer alternative.  If that’s not in your best interest, here are some eco-friendly clothing companies against fast fashion. 

Donating unwanted clothes or canned goods is also a great way to help the environment. This will help reduce the amount of household waste we produce. This is also a great way to help out your community.  Make sure to do research on which organizations you’re donating your items to, so you know that you’re helping out in an eco-friendly way. 

There are many corporations that are environmentally conscious, like Patagonia, Levi’s, IKEA, and more. Businesses like these need more support from us, so future generations can live in a better, cleaner Earth. Always remember to research if the companies you’re buying from are environmentally friendly. Here are 25 green companies that we believe need more recognition.

Finally, If you see any trash on the ground, take the extra few seconds to pick it up, because if we all work together, we can shape our planet into a safe and clean place again. While Earth day is a day to be commemorated, it’s also important to keep in mind the conservation of our planet on every other day as well.