Video games: the scapegoat for violence

A modern topic with old delusions: video games cause violence. This theory just isn’t right– adults, specifically conservative parents, tend to believe that violent tendencies in their children are caused by video games. Overall, the general idea that video games can cause violent tendencies goes back to the visualization of parents seeing their child have violent tendencies and tie that back to video games. In reality, it could be other emotional and mental trauma that causes those violent tendencies. An article titled, “No Evidence Violent Video Games Lead to Real Violence: Study” states that in a research study there was no evidence that boys’ violence against other people increased after playing a violent video game. The same article claims that some experts suggest that “other factors, such as mental illness and/or easy access to guns, are more likely explanations for mass shootings.” 

This whole idea that video games lead to violence is old-fashioned and there is so much evidence to prove against it. I believe a large reason why some people do tend to see them as leading to future violence is because of the media, specifically the media behind school shootings, and how most of them have specified their enjoyment of video games. However, the few should not speak for the majority because the majority of people enjoy video games as a way to relieve stress and a way to escape from the hardships they have to face in everyday life.

Joe Feser, an avid video game player said, “I really enjoy video games, even if I do tend to play more violent ones, like Grand Theft Auto or Valorant. But I don’t think they make me more violent as a person. I just enjoy playing that game with my friends. And having a good time, even if that good time means virtually shooting at the enemy team.” 

Now, the bias that certain parents have is in my opinion just deflections of poor parenting skills. The way I see it, violent children are violent because of their negative family life. But parents can’t admit that and will blame it on whatever they can. As in right now, blaming it on video games. If parents like these could just see the negative impact that taking away video games could cause to some kids and could even lead to more violent outbursts, then maybe the whole idea of violence in video games, and violence, in general, could be resolved. It is all about communication with your child. Just because you are older doesn’t mean you are always right. Listen to what your child has to say. Ask them what’s going on instead of blaming it on video games.