Crystal clear: taking a look at crystal meanings and myths


Photo taken by Clara Pylend

If you’ve been on TikTok recently you’ve probably heard of crystals and spiritualism. Maybe you’ve seen videos about crystals that can help you with love, such as rose quartz, or perhaps you’ve learned of spells to bring you more money. However, there’s been some issues on TikTok of spreading misinformation about spiritualism that’s been misleading and harmful to the community that needs to be discussed. 

 A popular crystal that has been going around a while ago on TikTok was moldavite. People even claimed that they had family pets die, get into car accidents and other crazy things happen to them just because they bought this crystal. Moldavite is also known as the “Holy Grail Crystal ”, it gets this name because of its transformation energy. This crystal is meant to be an amplifier to other crystals because of its high frequencies and is said to help bring out energy of other crystals. Lastly, moldavite is also used to help with self-awareness and to help with unlocking inner emotions.This is how the rumors on TikTok spread about how moldavite is being used “wrongly.” Since it’s said that moldavite gets rid of the negativity in your life and transforms you into a new person, many brands have used this to their advantage and made fake moldavite, which people got their hands on and claimed they had witnessed bad events. The rings that were going around were fake, and people were spreading rumors which led to the crystal to receive its bad name. In reality, moldavite is not recommended for new crystal collectors to get because of how strong it can be, but crystals can be used to overcome emotions. 

Another popular trend on TikTok is telling people that certain “sounds” can bring luck, and a popular one that was going around was if you use a sound by  Doja Cat it would give you $3,000. Under this sound there were over 100k+ videos, is Doja Cat indeed that rich? Another instance of this is when people say to use certain sounds or you’re going to have years of bad luck. I feel as this is implementing fear factor in people to use these sounds, I mean why wouldn’t you want to use the sound if people crashed their cars, got fired or something tragic happened all because you skipped a TikTok sound? 

I personally think spiritualism overall is fascinating and the culture behind crystals is interesting, but when it’s on TikTok and there’s misinformation being spread something needs to be changed. There were also themes of cultural appropriation, there was a  certain spell in spiritualism that became a “trend” of putting honey on their tongues, which is actually from hispanic culture. I believe that TikTok is a good way of spreading information about spiritualism and parts of their culture because it’s interesting, but the people who take it the wrong way and do it disrespectfully is how spiritualism has gotten a bad name.