Should Christmas be celeberated before Thanksgiving?


Cannon Wake

Lenis: Hey Kenzie, have you put up your Christmas trees yet? I have mine up and I’m excited for Christmas. 

Kenzie: Heck no! I like to put my Christmas tree up after Thanksgiving. 

Lenis: Why not? I don’t think Thanksgiving is too important. 

Kenzie: I think Thanksgiving is really important because you get to spend time with your family and eat lots of good food.

Lenis: Can’t you just do that on Christmas as well? The difference about Christmas is that you get gifts and it is about giving but aren’t you thankful already for the stuff you get when it comes to Christmas?

Kenzie: You’re right, you can do that stuff on Christmas, but Thanksgiving is about being thankful for all of the blessings that you have received in life, and every religion celebrates. Christmas is more about gift giving and getting, and only branches of Christianity celebrate it.

Lenis: You might be right, but let’s be honest most people open gifts no matter the religion even if it isn’t on Christmas. Anyway, Thanksgiving is about being thankful and everything but didn’t people take land from Native Americans when they came to the United States, so what’s the real point of it, we just stole land from people I wouldn’t call that being thankful at all. 

Kenzie: To be honest, I’ve never really taken the time to learn about the history of Thanksgiving but, from what I’ve heard, I know we received help from the Native Americans even though Americans kicked them off of their land. In the end, it was all about being thankful for the help Americans received from the Native Americans, which then became a National Holiday in the U.S.

Lenis: I understand that we’re thankful for getting help from the Native Americans, have you thought about how Native Americans don’t celebrate thanksgiving? Are we just celebrating because we took, and let’s be honest, many people are glad for Thanksgiving but what music and you play when there is a lot more Christmas music? 

Kenzie: Personally, I don’t like any holiday music. It’s repetitive and pretty annoying. I think spending time with family is really important though, because what if you can’t see or spend time with distant relatives? Most people don’t have to work on Thanksgiving. 

Lenis: Then again most people don’t work for Christmas either. Well, Christmas music is repetitive a lot of people love it, and people might just want to celebrate Christmas because it’s less money to spend than celebrating both. 

Kenzie: When I hear the words “celebrating Christmas”, I think of gifts. Gifts cost money, even if you’re making them. You have to purchase wrapping paper, boxes or gift bags, and whatever else you’re giving the recipient. For Thanksgiving, you can have a family member bring food to the party so you don’t have to spend as much time cooking or prepping for your Thanksgiving meal. 

Lenis: Let’s just agree that no matter who does and doesn’t celebrate each holiday. We all have our differences about what we want to or don’t want to celebrate. Each family does their own thing although people chose to start celebrating Christmas early.