Student gives a scent of the Eilish fragrance


At the start of a young age, Billie Eilish has been gaining and gaining popularity, with her very first song “Ocean Eyes,” released at the age of 13, and up to now, with her newest hit album “Happier Than Ever”. Billie Eilish has not only been singing but has also been stepping out of her comfort zone, as she recently participated in the live-action play, “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” playing as Sally. Most recently, she has dropped her first fragrance, “Eilish.” The fragrance was released on November 10th, 2021 and quickly sold out. I was luckily able to get my hands on one.

According to, the perfume was inspired by Eilish’s favorite part of the human body and that the scent is supposed to represent herself, vegan, cruelty-free, and more. 

“The bottle, a gorgeous metallic bust, looks more like a sculpture than something you’d expect from a celebrity perfume (though Kim Kardashian West’s Body fragrance does come to mind.) It was inspired by Eilish’s favorite areas on the human body; the collarbone, neck, and back. Eilish told Vogue she didn’t want the bottle to depict a certain body type, since there’s beauty in them all. What’s more, the scent is vegan (like Eilish herself), cruelty-free, and made with clean ingredients. There is a limit in place of only one bottle per customer. Consider it the hottest item on any Gen Z Christmas list.” 

In a fragrance pyramid, there are notes. Fragrance notes are different scent layers that make up to the final layer, which lasts 5-15 minutes. The heart notes last 20-60 minutes and the base notes last 6 hours. The top notes for “Eilish” are sugar, red berries, and mandarin oranges. The middle notes are cacao, vanilla, spicy notes, and roses. The base notes are tonka bean, woody notes, amber, and musk. This fragrance is not only for women as it is unisex.

In an Instagram story in March, Eilish also posted the fragrances she likes to use. Before her first fragrance was even out she liked the cozy, woody, ambery scents. In the picture, you can see a perfume called “Another 13”, which is that natural body sense, but is cleaner. You can also see a couple d’orange fragrances and those senses are typically more woody, smokey, etc. As you can see, Eilish was definitely inspired by her favorite fragrances and scents.

The packaging was absolutely beautiful and matches the color of the bottle, which is gold. The top part that removes the spray was a little bit difficult to open but totally fine. The notes of the scent matched perfectly because the perfume was extremely sweet, but after a while, you can really smell the vanilla. The scent is also really strong. Usually, spraying any fragrance on your clothes lasts a long time, but I sprayed a bit on my hand, and 5 hours later, the scent was still strong. I really do love the bottle, as it seems like body positivity for women. Though I admire the smell, several reviews said that the scent smelled like ‘old lady,’ but this is not the first time Eilish was doubted. When she released the song “NDA”, fans did not like the song and predicted that this was her ‘flop era,’ meaning this song couldn’t succeed as expected. 

This fragrance would for sure be a winter scent for a night of cuddling up in your blankets and enjoying a warm cup of hot cocoa, I definitely would recommend this to any candle or Christmas lover. I would also wish that if Eilish, in the future, makes another fragrance, that it would be more of a natural scent, like for going to an event, but this fragrance is absolutely gorgeous! Unfortunately, it is only sold in the United States and is now sold out, but if you wish to receive notifications when the fragrance will release again you can sign up at or you can follow the Instagram at billieeilishfragrances.

Overall, I would give this fragrance a 7/10. It definitely met some of my expectations, as Eilish posted her favorite fragrances that were very woody, vanilla scents, and very Christmas-like. I also liked the packaging and how the box was a color hint of gold and also matched the shape of the bottle. I am obsessed with the shape of the bottle and how it was your basic rectangle shape bottle and it definitely reminded me of some of Nicki Minaj’s fragrances. I highly recommend adding this fragrance to your Christmas list when it restocks.