AL volleyball aims for state appearance


There are many sports surrounding Abraham Lincoln, whether it be football players and cheerleaders roaming the halls the Friday before a game, or the talk of how well the meet went for cross country. No matter the sport, school spirit is prominent as we start the year.

In the world of sports at ALHS, the one that not everyone is talking about is volleyball. The ALHS volleyball team stands 29-3 this season. With this in mind, the team still strives to better themselves as they head off to the Southeast Polk Tournament with another win in sight. 

“The next big event we have coming up is the Southeast Polk Tournament this weekend, we are heading up tonight and were going to play some really big teams,” senior Sam Christiansen said. 

The team is also hopeful in terms of their chances at state, especially when considering their record.

“I think it’s in the sights for us this year, I think we might get there,” senior Kirsten Spurgin said. 

They also realize that it will take some hard work to reach their goals of going to state and seem to be looking forward to the challenge.

“I feel like it’s definitely reachable this year I think it’s all in our hands and as long as we keep a strong mental state about state then we’ll be able to make it,” Christiansen said. 

However, one thing that could be holding the team back might be other teams. With what seems like a good season it’s always good to keep your rivals in your sights. Whether it’s Ankeny Centennial or schools in Des Moines the team knows their strengths and hopes to use them to help their continuous fight to improve their record.

“Our biggest competition this year is definitely the Des Moines schools because they have a big reputation for going to state all the time and so we just have to show them that we’re even better,” Christiansen said. 

As the volleyball season continues and the stakes rise the team hopes to grow more support. 

“Make sure you come to all of our games,” Christiansen said. 

The support from fans is sure to help the team have the confidence to continue their rise to state.