Girls basketball season finishes with a record of 15-7


Grace Schoening

Senior Alexis Pomernackas during a game against Ankeny

The Abraham Lincoln Girls Basketball Team ended their season with a record of 15-7 after being defeated by Johnston, ranked 3rd in the state 66-45.

Head Coach, Chad Schaa described some shortcomings the Lynx could face when competing against the competitive school.

“Sometimes we have a hard time scoring,” said Schaa. “When we need a bucket sometimes we have a hard time finding someone to do that.”

Along with that, Johnston the Lynx knew if they were to compete against Johnston, it would certainly be a competitive game.

“They have 3 division 1 players on their team,” said Schaa. “We have some challenges.”

Despite the unfortunate outcome of the final game for the Lynx, senior Julia Wagoner expressed her pride for the way the team performed this season.

“I was really proud of my team and all the players,” said Wagoner. “There were so many positives even though we didn’t end how we wanted to we accomplished a lot.”

Senior Kayla Schleifman described the reason for the successful season of the Lady Lynx.

“The team had a positive dynamic on the court,” Schleifman said. “When we were all on our best game we were pretty much unstoppable.”

Starting point guard, Jillian Shanks, was not able to compete in regional games due to an illness preceding the match. Schleifman explained the nerves that came as a result of Shanks’ absence, as well as the team’s effective reaction to the missing point guard.

“I personally, was a little nervous because Jillian is, of course, one of our top players and we would have to adjust to playing without her,” said Schleifman. “I think we as a team really did a good job of working together to make up for Jillian’s absence”

This season, the Lynx improved in record as last year they finished 12-10, and this year they increased with a record of 15-7.

Schleifman explained what she believes the reason to be for their team’s major progression.

“We had to adjust and learn how to play together well, kind of growing into our roles,” said Schleifman. “That’s what made this season better. We grew from where we were last year.”