Wrestling coaches hold strong through pandemic


Photo taken by Lenis Rangel

Though some schools canceled sports for students, many high schools are allowing students to do sports. Students are allowed to do wrestling, even though it does have a lot of contact with other students. With wrestling, coaches have helped their athletes. Coaches do what they can to be able to get their athletes to do well, for example, they keep do google meets with them, and have clubs that their athletes can go to. Wrestling is a sport that involves a lot of contact with other students. During the pandemic, it’s going to be hard to do wrestling.  Coaches are doing a lot to keep in touch with their athletes and have a lot for them to do when they are not allowed to be at school for practice. 

“Right now we have the green light to keep going,” coach Nate Harm said. “It’s really hard right now because we have to take it day by day, and then with the pandemic. We can’t be around people, wrestling is such a specific sport where there is constant contact.” 

Along with Nate Harm, coaches Luke Harm, Adam Manz, and Mat Daniels are trying to keep everything safe for all the athletes.

 “I’m trying to keep in contact with them to see how they are doing,” Daniels said. “Offering different options for things to do. Having a few opportunities to get together in person for activities using social distancing.” 

Although the pandemic has complicated many things they have participated in a few away meets already. They are taking as many safety precautions as possible. In meets, wrestlers have an option to take off their mask but this is only when they are on mats wrestling. When they are not on mats they have to wear their masks and after they are done wrestling the managers sanitize the mats. 

Wrestling can be a difficult sport to do during the pandemic, but there are precautions that wrestlers are taking to be safe, like sanitizing mats after they are done with duals and are able to practice with a mask. Even with all of the problems presented during the pandemic, the AL coaching staff is doing what they can to keep in contact with their athletes and to keep them safe. 

I chose to wrestle because of Coach Daniels. He told me that instead of managing the wrestling team I should wrestle instead. I fell in love with the sport and how it inspires me. The support of team members and coaches has changed me in the short time I’ve been a wrestler. The sport is the hardest but the most fun sport I have participated in. I enjoy the feeling of success and accomplishment it gives me,” said Sophomore Jacqueline Bunten.