Looking back on the 2021 volleyball season

Abraham Lincoln’s volleyball team won 17 games in their 2021 season. Katie Darrington, the head volleyball coach for six years at ALHS, said that the volleyball team sparked brilliance during this season. A few of the teammates of the volleyball team, Hailey Holcombe and Bailey Muhlbauer, both put their input on why it is important to be a team player. 

Holcombe plays on the ALHS varsity volleyball team as an outside hitter.

I think that there isn’t a most important position because you need all of them in order to play the game,” said Holcombe. “You need the passers to pass, the setter or setters to set, and the hitters to hit in order to play a volleyball set.” Being a part of the team even as a person who cheers them on from the sidelines is still as important as being a player on the court. 

Muhlbauer is on varsity as well and she plays front middle, her position is the main blocker. “I believe my part on the team was to cheer them on and encourage them every chance I got,” Muhlbauer said. “Even though you might not make a good spot on the team it is good to do it just for fun.” Team players have to be able to play both parts.

“Athletic and coachable,” Darrington says,  “when we coach kids to try things to better them, and they do not even try to step out of their comfort zone. Always be willing to take critique, it is only given when people believe you can be better.”