Covering halftime of the 22-23 girls basketball season


Photo utilized from ALHS Athletics

Passing into the midway point of the season for girls’ basketball, the girls are excited about being around teammates and having a better season than last year. They are ready to build bonds with each other and the new teammates coming in. Ella Boes gets herself into the zone of playing by listening to music the most. 

“I’m always listening to music to get myself in the right mindset to play. Before every game, we all sit in the locker room listening to music,” said senior Ella Boes. 

This season, the girls are hoping to play harder against more advanced and challenging teams.

“I’m excited to play some high-level teams this year. We have also gotten so much faster than last year and that has allowed for us to win on fast breaks,” senior Jeena Carle said.

The team started off the season strong winning against Shenandoah with a score of 66-45 and currently has a 10-7 record, which was better than last year’s final record of 10-12. So far the players are working towards having a more positive season, and it looks like they’re doing just that.

“Just having hopefully a better season than last year and playing better in games and having fun,” senior Emily Pomernackas said.

Like every other basketball team, the Abraham Lincoln girls’ basketball team has been using practice to prepare them for the games. The practices are meant to teach what you are going to do in a game. That is exactly what these girls do, at practice they do scrimmages, work on their shooting and overall make sure they are ready for the next game day. 

“We begin with stretching, then we form shots, then we do up and down the court drills, and then we work on our plays, and then we end the practice with a scrimmage and free throws. We also do extra conditioning some days,” said Carle. 

Even though we’re only midway through the basketball season, the girls are still making an impact on their season scores. So far the girls have achieved their goals of beating their record last season and worked together with their teammates to make it possible. The Lynx play next against Sioux City West on Tuesday, Jan. 31.