The guide to being single on Valentine’s Day

If you’re like me, single and lonely, you may not know what the heck to do during Valentine’s Day. All the couples go on dates with their lover and receive treats, but what do single people do? Here are some tips for you if you’re lonely on Valentine’s Day.

The first idea is to STAY AWAY FROM SOCIAL MEDIA. I mean it, single people. I say this because people are going to snap, post, tweet their pictures of their significant others. These pictures will make you upset because you’re going to think about how lonely you are and you’re probably going to start crying and eat a whole bowl of ice cream.

The second idea is to turn Valentine’s Day into a “Pal-entine’s Day.” Go hang out with your friends or family; have a nice dinner with them or exchange gifts. Maybe you can even go to a singles party and meet a significant other. Some other things you can do with single friends include watching a nice movie (but not romantic, because you have to keep in mind that love is nonexistent for us single people,) or making baked goods with your friends, such as cookies and brownies.

If your friends all have a relationship, like mine, another thing you can do is to treat yourself on Valentine’s Day. All you single people, you are beautiful, spend time with yourselves. For all the ladies, go out and get your nails and hair done; TREAT YOURSELVES. For all the guys, take a lazy day or hang out with your homies because they are for life! If you want, get a makeover by changing your hairstyle or get a piercing.

Next, wait until Valentine’s Day is over, and the next day go and buy some treats. Almost every store after Valentine’s Day puts discounts on their treats. Stores such as Dollar General, Walmart, etc. have discounts for chocolates and flowers. Now you can go to the store and buy some flowers, and when somebody asks who bought them, tell them they are from your secret admirer. 

Another idea is to boost your laughter and mood. According to the article, “5 Fun Things You Can Do if You’re Single on Valentine’s Day” by Daniel Wallen, increasing your laughter can reduce stress and make you feel better. You can find this article here. Some suggestions: watch something funny, and especially go on TikTok; you’re going find the most hilarious videos. Another thing to watch is David Dobrik vlogs on YouTube. He posts content like making silly jokes, getting into funny situations, and conducting science experiments.

Lastly, if you can’t do any of these ideas because you don’t have many friends, money, or are just bored, then let it all out. Let out a good cry because crying isn’t bad. You can cry in your room, but the best place to cry is in the shower. You can spend a good hour in there crying, but if you’re crying about someone that didn’t want you then you might wanna pull up sad songs, box of tissues, a comfy place because this is going to be a long night.