March is American Red Cross month: Here’s how you can help

The Red Cross is the largest humanitarian movement in the world and its purpose is to help people in need who are affected by disasters of every kind. They have no discrimination against race, gender, social status, or religious beliefs. Every year, the month of March is declared as Red Cross Month. The purpose of it is to give acknowledgement to the people that volunteer and donate to the Red Cross. The Red Cross encourages members of the community to go to their website and volunteer, donate, give blood, or take an informative class.

This year, on March 5, Abraham Lincoln High School hosted a blood drive for the Red Cross. They provided drinks and snacks for the participants and each person that donated blood will help save at least three lives. Not only are you benefiting others for their sake you are also getting a feeling of gratitude for yourself donating.

“From other people’s perspectives even though they might be scared of donating they know that they are still helping people,” said Sophomore Carmella Hargens. 

Though it should be noted that the Red Cross urges donors that have traveled to China or have been in the proximity of someone with COVID-19 postpone donations for 28 days.

You can learn more about blood donations on the News page of the Echoes 

The Red Cross offers classes that can prepare you for emergencies and it also helps you get certified in the classes chosen for your desired career field. The classes are geared towards how you learn best and fit with your schedule, while also opening up volunteer opportunities with the Red Cross. The classes range from CPR, AED, babysitting and child care, swimming, water safety, and lifeguarding. 

The Red Cross predominately runs off of volunteer work, 90% of the workers that work for the red cross are volunteers. You can take the volunteer orientation quiz on the Red Cross website and see if doing social work interests you both as a volunteer opportunity or a career option. There is also behind the scenes work that requires less interaction such as organizing schedules and supply chain management.  If you decide you want to do volunteer work with the Red Cross, you can put in your zip code on the website and see what work is available. In order to volunteer, you have to have an I.D. and you must be at least 18 or have parental permission. All the training necessary is provided for the applicant if accepted according to the Red Cross volunteer page.

Donating blood isn’t the only way to help the Red Cross, money donations are also vital. The money goes to a range of services funding for the disaster workforce and providing meals to those in need. No matter how you choose to donate or volunteer to the Red Cross all deeds are just as important as any other. Thanks to Abraham Lincoln hosting the blood drive students were given the opportunity to give blood and save lives.