Meet Charlie, the first Echoes Staff Pet of the Week

This furry friend’s name is Charlie . We have had him for about 6 years but don’t know when exactly his birthday is. Charlie is a Yorkie Bichon who has textured longish curly fur, which is all different colors, some of those colors being brown, tan, black 

We got him from someone who was selling him from a farm with a lot of different animals roaming around. When we got there, he was the last one and he was a good one. I remember he lived with a cat, and they would fight. However, we have a cat and our cat is not okay with it. He usually stays up in a bedroom or in a basement. A little fun fact is that his name used to be Tank, but we decided to rename him to Charlie so it better fits him. 

Charlie is very happy that we are home for the rest of the year, so he can snuggle with us and play ball. 

Charlie’s favorite hobbies are snuggling, playing ball, playing with his many other toys, going on car rides or walks, looking out the window, acting tough when someone walks past the door/window, playing with our neighbors dogs and eating a lot of treats.