These chicks chirped their way to be the Echoes Staff Pets of the Week

From left to right: Ruth, Ziggy, Nadia & Finch

Everyone, say hello to the Boes family chickens! These little hens are just around two months old, and are getting pretty big. We got them right around the start of quarantine, when they were still really little. It’s been really great being home and watching them grow up.

They are just starting to learn how to take dust baths, so they are constantly digging holes in the dirt outside and rolling around in it. They should start laying eggs in about a month as well. 

Since we’ve been home to watch them and take care of them, they have grown up to be more like pets then barn animals. They love to cuddle and eat from our hands, and have started to enjoy listening to music with us. 

When they’re not eating or sleeping, they love to be outside where they can run around and bathe in the sun!