Fall in love with safe fall activities


Kaitlyn Richardson

Photo taken by Kaitlyn Richardson

This time of year is usually filled with family outings, long nature walks, picking apples and pumpkins, and my all time favorites–haunted houses and football. Along with wearing favorite types of clothing, jeans, oversized sweatshirts, boots and maybe even a scarf. 

This year, make sure to add a cute matching face mask to go along with that warm outfit of yours. Many are over the virus by now, I know I am, but safety is definitely key. Fall can be hard to try and stay safe from COVID but wearing a mask, social distancing, and washing your hands is a main component to keeping yourself and others safe. Please just keep in mind that while attending haunted houses or trick or treating that you can always fit a small bottle of hand sanitizer in your pocket.  

If you do spend time with family and friends to have various fall activities, remember to wash your hands and use hand sanitizer. I know it might be tough but you can also try and social distance and wear masks when possible. 

Just to give a few ideas of how this year to hand out candy to all the kiddos. In my family, we are the type of people to make a mad dash to the front door when we hear a knock, just to see who will get to hand out the candy. So we have seen some ideas that I’m hoping we get to try. One idea is to get a large plastic pipe and attach it to your hand railing (you can decorate to make it look cute) and just put the candy or bags of candy down the shoot and this way it will land either in the kiddos’ baskets or their bags.  If you have more time, you can attach a pulley system from your front door to the end of your yard, or driveway. Connect a basket to that pulley, fill the basket with candy and when they show up just pull our rope on the pulley and it will deliver the basket filled with candy to the little kids either in the yard or driveway. 

Then there is always the trusty bucket. Fill the bucket with candy and make a sign that states, “3 pieces per kiddo.” But if we are honest, that one will most likely never work. 

Have a fun and safe fall y’all.