Mental health during a world wide health crisis


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During the month of September, mental health advocates, organizations and allies come together to spread information about mental health and suicide for Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. September is when many individuals come together and show their strength and passion towards this serious topic. Though suicide can be a tough topic to talk about, it’s very important to discuss with people. Educating yourself about the warning signs beforehand can save lives. Current statistics show that 4,400 teenagers commit suicide every year, making it the 3rd leading death in the US for youth.

   According to the website, someone dies from suicide every 12 minutes. And for the first time in generations, the human life expectancy has decreased due to suicide. 46% of people who commit suicide have a diagnosed mental health problem, 90% of people get diagnosed right after they commit.

Suicide Awareness Month should be taken more seriously this year to COVID. With COVID and having to self-isolate from people, the confusion and the stress can lead to mental health problems.

     COVID 19 has brought many troubles globally with its arrival back in 2019; one of these struggles have been people’s mental health with having to quarantine and self-isolate. Having to stay back and self -isolate away from friends and loved ones can create anxiety, fear and the feeling of loneliness.  People that already deal with mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression can be more affected and more vulnerable to these feelings. According to a mid-July poll in the article, “The Implications of COVID 19 For Mental Health and Substance Abuse,”  53% of adults have reported that their mental health was negatively affected by COVID 19 compared to March when it was 32%. 

      Some people are also having to deal with unemployment, poverty and homelessness since the economic crisis that developed because of COVID. With all this happening, it can take a major toll on people’s mental health.

     So what can we do to make ourselves more positive while in quarantine? 

Surround yourself with positivity. While that’s easier said than done while in quarantine, it’s still possible. Even if you can’t see friends and family in person you could online chat with them, there’s a lot more websites and apps that allow you to online chat with anyone that you want. 

 ALHS school counselor Christy Heckman gave advice and tips on how to stay positive and emphasized the importance of positive coping skills.

“Talking with friends, going outside, trying new things you haven’t done before, doing creative things like writing or art,” Heckman said. “I think we need to focus on things we can the things we can control, like how you’re doing in school, your relationships with people, and do and things you haven’t done that’s good for you, is it a good time for exercising or going outside more and finding a new outdoor activity things like that.”   

    There’s many ways to boost up your mental health, the website ‘’ gives many ways to help look after your mental health and to keep yourself positive. Talking about your feelings, keeping active, eating well, and keeping in touch are just a few of the many tips from the website. It’s always important to look after yourself and how you’re feeling in these confusing situations. You’re important, and if you ever feel down there’s many ways you can help improve that. Because you’re worth it.