Will socks and sandals keep you warm this winter?


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Can you wear socks with sandals?

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This week’s profound fashion dilemma, socks and sandals. Something many people have different opinions on. Although some people may not have a good fashion style, opinions still are valid. There is not an exact answer to the inquiry of if socks are meant to be with sandals or not, but many people have a lot to say about this critical topic. What exactly is the purpose of socks and sandals? Was this just supposed to be a joke at first and then turned into something more, or are they actually supposed to be fashionable?   

Jenna Smith, a sophomore at AL, has her own opinion on this topic. 

“I think socks and sandals are so cute and super comfortable,” Smith said. “They’re easy to put on and take off.” 

Socks and sandals are easy to put together, they also seem to supply the comfort people are looking for that they can’t receive for sandals without socks. But, what do you wear with socks and sandals? What type of outfit best matches with something of the sort? What genre does that fit? But what is the purpose? Were they made that way, or is this generation being extra? Why wouldn’t you just put tennis shoes on? Some will never know. 

Older people seem to not like socks and sandals calling it “nerdy” which makes sense, you can always see those movies with high school students, the nerds wear socks and sandals. We do notice that time has changed, new style trends come and go, some shocking people, some not. As time goes on, the trends will possibly just get worse and worse, who will be the one to tell? A trend is a trend and people will follow even if it is the most hideous thing you have ever seen.

What season best fits this trend? What is the best season to wear socks and sandals?

Mackenzie Shipley, another sophomore at AL, has an idea on this. 

“I think all seasons could fit,” Shipley said. “But, winter and fall fit the best because you can just throw them on and go on.”

So as winter storms on, make sure to have your socks and sandals ready!