Student discusses fashion at the 2021 inauguration

Wednesday the 20th was a very historic day for America, with the first ever woman vice president being elected, along with President Joe Biden. There are so many things we could cover on the inauguration, but the powerful fashion statements have been pretty overlooked, and it’s time we acknowledge them.

First, we’ll take a look at Amanda Gorman, an American poet who made history by reading her inspiring poem during the event. She went with a yellow tweed jacket, along with a bold, red headband,  and white Chanel pants to match. The 22-year-old writer from Los Angeles has really made a name for herself, not only in poetry, but also in the fashion world.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris had some very notable, young relatives who delivered their A-game last Wednesday. Particularly, Ella Emhoff, Harris’ stepdaughter. Emhoff is a textile design student at the Parson’s School of Design in New York City. She wore a flashy, plaid houndstooth coat from Miu Miu with a burgundy gown from Batsheva underneath. It’s definitely fair to say that Emhoff was the highlight of fashion at the inauguration.

Vice President Kamala Harris went with a dazzling purple piece, a mix between blue and red, representing her will to unify the two parties. Jill Biden, the First Lady, wore a turquoise suit tailored by independent designer, Alexandra O’Neill. The colors are meant to signify trust, confidence, and stability, according to the brand. Michelle Obama kept up her fashionable reputation with her eye-catching, burgundy attire. Designed by her own personal tailor, the former first lady made a strong fashion statement at the inauguration. As expected, Lady Gaga showed up with an incredible performance of the “Star Spangled Banner,” wearing a blue jacket and a bright red skirt, along with a golden bird ornament below her left shoulder.

Biden’s inauguration was arguably the most fashion-forward event of the 21st century, providing a very pleasing first impression for his presidency.