Behind the scenes of being a young content creator


Photo utilized from Instagram with permission from Melissa Martinez

Trigger Warning: Rape, Mentions Sexual Assualt. Right now in the U.S, it’s hard to find a job and get money because of the pandemic. If you’re not too shy to open on camera then being a content creator can help you get some money and have some fun while you’re at it. Being a content creator is so much more than being famous, you get to have fun with what you’re making a video about and you get to make people smile. Here are ways that can help you be a content creator.

Social media creator and owner Mely Makes Cakes, Melissa Martinez, posts a lot of what you want to do and advertise it. She said to share a lot on social media and don’t be afraid of feedback.

“I would say post a lot of pictures of your product, really advertise you’re making it. I would also say give a sneak peek of the background because many times people can see the final product but they don’t see the process that goes into it. Share a lot of your product, especially on your Snapchat, Instagram, etc. stories,” Martinez said. “People that like to see your product would most likely follow you. Be open to feedback, be open to questions that people ask what your product is and not feel hurt when they don’t necessarily order or have the same reaction that you were waiting for, be open and seek feedback, whether it’s constructive criticism or positive feedback.”

Just remember, being a content creator takes time and discipline, you can’t be a content creator overnight, it takes a long time to get views and fame but being a content creator is more than fame and money. A YouTuber, 2020 ALHS graduate Riley Pope, said that even though she’s a small creator she sometimes gets noticed around.

“I’m still small enough that I don’t have to deal with any kind of real recognition. However, when people get to know me, I’ve found that if they’ve seen what I do online, it’s easier to make a connection with them.” Pope said. “It’s like I’m preceded by my online persona. If I was fake online I could see that being negative, but I’m pretty down to earth with my true self, so it’s a positive.”

Another Youtuber with Pope, Junior ALHS Grace Ozzello, said to not endorse your views and subscriptions.

“We just promote our channel as often as we can, we put out as much content as we can to keep people engaged. Start small, just enjoy making content with the people you have, and don’t focus on your views and subscribers so much.”

According to The Pros and Cons of Content Creation by Sarah LeBlanc listed some of the pros and cons, some that it can help with leadership but if you don’t like writing, it might not be suitable for you.

“Yes, it is a time commitment. You have to carve out time from your schedule to write. If you don’t enjoy writing or it’s not a strength, staying consistent will be a challenge. Posting content without a strategy for topic selection, frequency, and distribution might prevent your articles from reaching the ideal audience and generating engagement,” LeBlanc said. “The pros, The thought leadership you share sets you apart from the competition. It creates visibility within your network. Written content has passed along potential, providing an opportunity to expand your reach. Over time, you create a library of content that you can refer people back to when they have questions instead of answering the same ones over and over again. Writing content is free and it gets your name out there. It’s one of the most inexpensive forms of marketing available today.”

Keeping your content and popularity can be a tough job too, according to Ozzello, she said to keep posting your content.

“We just keep putting out content for our audience even if they are small. We want to make sure they get the best version of our channel that they can.”

Trigger Warning: Rape, Mentions Sexual Assualt. Another serious way is that content creators need to be more socially and ethically responsible.

According to David Dobrik lost close-to-everything after a Vlog Squad rape allegation. Here’s how the backlash unfolded. Here’s how the backlash unfolded by Moises Mendez II, who talked about a recent situation about a Youtuber, David Dobrik. Dobrik was involved with a rape allegation with Dominykas Zeglaitis, Durte Dom.

“Dobrik has since been temporarily demonetized by the video platform where he has 18.5 million subscribers, after Dominykas Zeglaitis, also known as Durte Dom, was accused of raping a woman on the night Dobrik’s group filmed and uploaded a YouTube video about group sex. The woman, identified with the pseudonym Hannah in the article, described being ‘blackout’ drunk and told Insider that Zeglaitis raped her while she was unconscious.”

When becoming a content creator, be responsible and wise about your decisions. Although the internet can be really exciting, there could also be some negative impacts. If you want to enjoy some content, go follow Ozello and Pope’s youtube channel, The Broken Toys, and if you have an event coming and need some cake, go follow Instagram, melymakescakes.