Students and staff show off their favorite odd food combos

You ask your parents for Taco Bell on the way home and they say, “we have food at home.” Then when you open the fridge and see nothing appetizing that could be a bad thing, but it’s just a way to create a new food combination. There are many different foods students and staff of Abraham Lincoln has discovered. 

Administrator David Price used to have certain food combinations prior to his end of consuming dairy. 

“I used to eat grilled cheese with jelly on top of the sandwich,” Price said. “It’s a weird food combination; it’s like sweet and savory. I would eat it again if I could eat dairy.” 

Government teacher Bryan Pregon takes after his dad and prefers his BLTs with peanut butter.  

“I eat my bacon lettuce tomato sandwiches with peanut butter,” Pregon said. “It’s a family thing, that was how my dad ate BLTs.  When my wife and I first had BLTs, I asked where are the peanut butter and she said ‘ew gross.’” 

Junior Drew Wilson discovered a new food combination during his move into his new house. 

“We didn’t have enough food in the house so I tried Doritos and cream cheese. It’s very good,” Wilson said. 

Sophomore Lilli Knau was out of the ranch and invented a new food combination. 

“I dipped pizza rolls and pizza dipped in Chick-fil-A sauce,” Knau said. “We didn’t have ranch so I decided to dip it in Chick-fil-A sauce and it was really good.”

Sophomore Yandell Navarrete found a new food combination after the food on his plate started mixing up.

“I eat eggs with syrup,” Navarrete said. “I just did it one day; I was eating pancakes and sausage with eggs and then the syrup got on my eggs. I poured syrup on the eggs and it tasted good.”

Administrative assistant Angela Watkins prefers her ice cream softer and found out she likes her ice cream with milk. 

“I eat my ice cream with milk on it,” Watkins said. “I just tried it one day to make my ice cream last longer and I liked it.” 

Teacher Derek Schloesser was inventing food combinations as a kid. 

“When I was a kid I would mix corn peas and mash potatoes and a dab of ketchup,” he said. “I just made it when I was a kid.” 

Sophomore Molly Romano was not afraid to try a new food combination that she found on TikTok.  

“I tried pickles and peanut butter,” Romano said. “I found it on TikTok and tried it and I like it so now I stand by it.” 

Sophomore Mason Garreans also found a new food combination on TikTok and he turned out to like it.

“I tried Cheez-Its and peanut butter,” he said. “I saw it on TikTok and I tried it and it was really good. It’s like salty peanut butter with a crunch.” 

Allison Frieze has lived by a food combination that her mom told her as a kid. 

“I take sour cream and put ranch seasoning in it and eat my Doritos with it,” she said. “My grandma used to do it when I was a kid then my mom started doing it so I tried it and liked it.” 

Administrator Jeff Novotny said his favorite food combination is something his mom used to cook for him. 

“You boil macaroni but not fully cooked,” Novotny said. “You dump eggs in the macaroni, scramble the eggs with the noodles till it’s fully cooked, and it’s perfect.  It comes from my mom’s German side.”  

The students and staff of Abraham Lincoln have various food combinations for all taste buds.