Hello Spring: fun activities to do in the warmer weather

As the weather is warming up and school is getting out, you have some more free time to hang out with friends and do things, although driving around isn’t much of an option right now because of the gas prices going up. This is a list of different things to do with friends or family with little to no money.


No cost

  • Go for a bike ride 
  • Play soccer or basketball at a park near you
  • Go to a park with any friends or siblings
  • Take a hike at Lewis and Clark monument
  • Go to the walking bridge and walk around
  • Go downtown and look around and take pictures
  • Have a bonfire with friends
  • Play sand volleyball with friends at Lake Manawa 

Cheap things to do

  • Get paint supplies from the dollar store and do a painting challenge with friends 
  • Buy a disposable camera and take pictures of different adventures and get them printed
  • Go to Walmart, get fabric, and make knot blankets with friends
  • Go to the store, get ice cream and toppings, and have a sundae bar with friends
  • Go to Pirate’s Cove or Katelman’s swimming pools
  • Go to the dollar store, get a bunch of snacks, and have a movie night outside with friends
  • Make a summer scrapbook with pictures and tickets or anything with remembrance from spring until school starts

More expensive things

  • Go to concerts
  • Go on a road trip to Okoboji lake 
  • Go shopping at WestRoads mall in Omaha
  • Take a trip to Des Moines, the state capital
  • Have a zoo day with friends