Internet shopping for wrong fit and sizing

Sizing and pricing has been a reoccurring issue for a while. Online shopping can be tricky because you cannot try on the clothing so it may not fit. The pricing gets dicey when it comes to online it tends to cost more. Sizing in stores is easier due to dressing rooms. Instore has a better clearance section and tends to have cheaper clothing that will fit you just right.

The online sizing disaster, many online stores size down and when the clothes deliver they won’t fit with no return. The online store Shein is a Chinese company and they prefer to  downsize a lot because they are used to petite sizes. Amazon is a high online brand for many things like clothes, but they have had lots of issues like sizing. The biggest complaint has been the clothes being too big. With our stores like Walmart and target; the clothing can fit just right because you can try different sizes more than once. Being able to try different clothing sizes is better because you then can find out what size is just right.

Pricing for clothing can be complicated especially online because of the delivery fee and any other extra fees. Amazon is a high price online brand for almost anything you want like clothes. For ripped jeans the prices can go from 30 dollars to 45 dollars, and the pricing will go up due to the delivery fee and any other fees. Shein is a cheaper clothing brand compared to amazon, but still has high prices. For example, sweatpants cost 30 to 50 dollars. Stores like Walmart and Target have lower prices and less fees to pay except for tax. Walmart has sweatpants that range from 5 to 15 dollars not adding tax. Walmart would be a better choice than Shein because it’s 35 dollars cheaper at Walmart. The popular store Target is known for being more expensive than Walmart, but not more than amazon; ripped jeans at target are priced 25 to 35 dollars. Target ripped jeans are only 10 dollars less that still makes a big difference in price. Buying clothes in a physical store would be the more affordable option that buying online.